Stop Saying You’re Going to Learn a New Language and Actually Do It With This App

This whole pandemic situation has put many of our travel plans on hold, but that doesn’t mean you should blow off finally learning the language that will make your eventual trips a heck of a lot easier (not to mention safer). One day in the hopefully not so distant future, you’ll be living it up again at a far-flung pub all the locals go to—the last thing you want to do is insult the bartender or otherwise look like a dumbass

So yeah, speaking another language is good for your vacations, but learning said language can be hard, boring, or both. Memrise is here to help. For just $99.99, this top-rated language learning app can teach you how to speak confidently and bring you one step closer to your dream getaway.

You already learned English, right? Well, Memrise uses a 3-step method that teaches you new languages in the same way you learned your native language as a kid, by using real-life words and phrases. No dry books or boring classes necessary! You can choose from 22 different languages, each with naturally-voiced audio and video clips to reference. Best of all, Memrise adapts to your skill level and creates a training plan at just the right level of difficulty to keep you motivated as you progress.

Memrise is recognized as one of the best apps on the market for language learning. It’s got 1.3 million+ reviews on the Google Play store and 150k+ reviews on the Apple Store. Even CNET is down, ranking Memrise #4 for best language apps of 2020.

You didn’t learn your first language in a classroom; you learned it through action, and Memrise recognizes that. Memrise Language Learning teaches practical, real-world skills to make learning a new language feel natural, and lifetime subscriptions are currently on sale for $99.99, down from $139.

Prices subject to change.

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