Here Are 15 Multi-Tools That You Can Always Carry In Your Pocket

Wallet. Keys. Sunglasses. Hand sanitizer. Mask. This is the bare minimum you need to leave the house with for a successful day, but these items don’t cover a number of tricky situations you might run into. Inspired by the Swiss Army Knife, a plethora of everyday carry (aka EDC) multi-tools have popped up over the years to assist with this very thing. To make your life easier choosing a gadget that will make your life easier, we’ve rounded a bunch of lightweight options that all come in at lightweight prices.

CLEANFob Touchless Brass Antimicrobial Tool

You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about touch tools recently, but the CLEANFob does a lot more than just push buttons and open doors — it also works as a screwdriver, box cutter, hook for holding bags or railings (on things like public transportation), and bottle opener. This little multitasker is also made of fine brass that stops germs from growing on its surface. A self-cleaning, multitasking EDC? We’re loving it.

Buy now: Get a 2-pack of the CLEANFob for $22.99, or 34% off the retail price of $34

11th Digit Germ-Free Touch Tool

The smaller the touch tool, the greater the functionality? That’s what the 11th Digit Touch Tool is all about — it pushes doors, presses buttons, holds bags, signs touchscreens, and does a lot more with its 1.1-ounce weight. It’s also made of copper-rich bronze alloy that exterminates bacteria, germs, and viruses on sight.

Buy now: Get the 11th Digit Germ-Free Touch Tool for $32.99, or 5% off the retail price of $35

Anywhere Tools Everyday Carry Bundle

Ditch your clumsy toolbox for this 12-in-1 multi-tool which has a bottle opener, flathead and Phillips-head screwdrivers, cord cutter, box opener, and more. It also has a 27-lumen flashlight with a bright front beam and a removable pocket clip and zipper pull that you can attach easily to your key ring.

Buy now: Get the Anywhere Tools Everyday Carry Bundle for $39, or 40% off the retail price of $65

EverRatchet Keychain Multi-Tool

Your DIY fixes are about to get even better with EverRatchet. This keychain multi-tool has seven wrenches, a wire stripper, a box opener and scraper, and other tools in a mere 2.8″ frame. With a special patent-pending ratchet feature, you won’t even have to lift and reposition the multi-tool when you’re working in a tight space. And although it’s really small, it supports up to 20 pounds, which makes it great for larger tasks.

Buy now: Get the EverRatchet Keychain Multi-Tool for $24.99, or 10% off the retail price of $27

BitzBlade 2.0 Multi-Tool

The BitzBlade was featured in Trendhunter, Gadget Flow, and Personal Defense World for its cool features like nine interchangeable steel bits, a knife, box cutter, hex wrench, and an LED light you can put on with just a simple twist. And in a true emergency, like if you find yourself stuck in a car, the BitzBlade has a Tungsten carbide tip window punch that comes to the rescue immediately.

Buy now: Get the BitzBlade 2.0 for $79.99, or 20% off the retail price of $99

Higher Objects Sawyer Utility Bracelet

The Sawyer Utility Bracelet is a high-functioning EDC that doubles as a stylish bracelet. It has a pocket knife and screwdriver (don’t worry, it can’t hurt your arm), which is perfect for camping trips, construction sites, home renovations, and just about any other life scenario.

Buy now: Get the Sawyer Utility Bracelet for $24.99, or 37% off the retail price of $39

The Kelvin 007 Pocket Spinning Tool

Fidget spinners aren’t cool anymore, but The Kelvin 007 is. This multi-tool has six heads: Two straight screwdriver bits, two Phillips, and two Torx tips. Plus, you can have a little fun with it when you snap the handle, and the ceramic bearings inside begin to spin.

Buy now: Get a 2-pack of The Kelvin 007 Pocket Spinning Tool for $29.99, or 24% off the retail price of $39

Pivot Bundle Tool

Buzzfeed called the Pivot Bundle “an amazing multi-tool that has the ability to really transform your daily life,” and we agree! This tool includes the Keyport Pivot which holds up to nine keys, the MOCA multi-tool that works as 10 handy tools, and a Keyport ID lost and found tag that lets you find your missing stuff with just a tap on your smartphone.

Buy now: Get the Pivot Bundle Tool for $23.99, or 29% off the retail price of $33

Skill Master 24-in-1 Handyman’s Smart Key Tool

This tiny key performs 24 tasks! It’s a stripping tool, a bolt driver, a cut wire tool, a bike wheel wrench, a bottle opener, and basically anything else you want it to be. It’s one of the most versatile multi-tools out there, and you can just throw it into your pocket when you’re on the go.

Buy now: Get The Skill Master for $24.99, or 57% off the retail price of $39

Collective Carry Glowing Vials

Tired of losing your keys in those dark, hidden corners of your apartment? Get these handy vials by Collective Carry that glow in the dark to help you find your lost stuff. All you need to do is attach it to that item that always goes missing, and it’ll light your way right back to it with energy powered by the sun.

Buy now: Get The Collective Carry Glowing Vials for $21.95, or 37% off the retail price of $34

Keyport Pivot Outdoor Plus Bundle

Your bulky keychain is why it takes you forever to open your door, your mailbox, your office, etc. The Keyport Pivot Bundle will put an end to the clumsiness of a big bunch of keys. It includes the Keyport Pivot which holds up to nine keys separately, a handy pocketknife, a mini flashlight, a 10-in-1 multi-tool (bottle opener, screwdriver, and more), a lost-and-found tag that lets you find wayward items quickly, and an S-Biner that can be used to attach the Keyport to your bag or belt loop.

Buy now: Get the Keyport Pivot Outdoor Plus Bundle for $46.99, or 24% off the retail price of $61

KeyBar Compact Multi-Tool

Another fix for a hot mess of keys? The KeyBar. This tool can hold up to 12 keys and provides a designated spot for access to each without having to sort through a bunch. It comes with a key fob link that attaches to a keychain or pocket clip so you can carry it about without stress.

Buy now: Get the KeyBar for $29.99, or 25% off the retail price of $39

Cyclist Card Everyday Carry Multi-Tool

Here’s one for the bikers: A minimalist, card-shaped cycling multi-tool that works for over 43 bicycle functions, like mending a wobbly seat or fixing a bent disc brake. It’s also TSA-compliant, so you can bring it along on cycling trips to avoid riding emergencies.

Buy now: Get the Cyclist Card for $72.99, or 18% off the retail price of $90

Multifunctional Pocket Tool

It’s not often you see a set of pliers that’s also a fish scaler. How about one that serves as a wire cutter, wood saw, screwdriver, knife, can opener, and screwdriver, too? That’s the Home Essentials Multifunctional Pocket Tool, giving you all these functions and more in one portable and foldable device.

Buy now: Get the Multi-Functional Pocket Tool for $16.99, or 41% off the retail price of $29

Pry.Me Bottle Openers

According to The Gadget Flow, this Grade 5 titanium bottle opener is strong enough to pull a car across a parking lot. It’s so small you’d never think that was possible, but you can’t really argue against the strength of titanium, can you? Regardless, it’s more than enough to open a tasty beverage, which is your main priority here anyway.

Buy now: Get the Pry.Me Bottle Opener for $10.99

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