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Make Your Next Outdoor Adventure a Lot More Fun With This Innovative Can Opener

TL; DR: A patented bar tool that removes and smooths the top of any can, at a 19% discount.

If you’ve seen Zac Efron in the Netflix docuseries Down to Earththen you understand that, while taking health advice from celebrities may not be such a great idea, there are survival hacks from adventurers that are worth looking into. In that spirit, here’s one fun way to make your end-of-summer camping trip a lot easier: The Draft Top, a tool that removes and smooths the top of any can for stress-free eating and drinking.

The Draft Top has a patented design that works with most 8-to-16-ounce aluminum beverage cans plus some 19-ounce cans with standard tops. With four blades that rotate easily around the can and make it safe to use as a serving container, you won’t need to lug plates and cups around on your next outdoor adventure.

You can also use the Draft Top to create makeshift cocktail glasses for a get-together, offering an unexpected and whimsical gift you can give to your socially distanced pals. This bar tool is available for $39.99, a 19% savings on the retail price of $49.

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