Ten Films You Missed at the Seattle International Film Festival

The Seattle International Film Festival is in full swing right now, much to the chagrin of every person who hasn’t been in Seattle for the last few weeks. The festival started on May 19th, and will run though the 12th of June, if you were feeling ambitious, and wanted to hop on a plane and catch a few unusual, striking, and challenging screenings.

As with most film festivals, there are hundreds of movies to choose from, from documentaries to comedies to penetrating dramas to a short documentary about Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin. Also kitty cats. There’s that one about kitty cats. 

We have pored over the calendar of films that have already played the Fest, and came up with a list of ten interesting-sounding films that we should all wisely add to our to-do list. 

Ten Films You Missed at the Seattle International Film Festival:

Top Image: Termite Films

Witney Seibold is a contributor to the CraveOnline Film Channel, and the co-host of The B-Movies Podcast and Canceled Too Soon. He also contributes to Legion of Leia and to Blumhouse. You can follow him on “The Twitter” at @WitneySeibold, where he is slowly losing his mind.