Exclusive Video | Duncan Jones Talks Sergio Leone and ‘Warcraft’

Duncan Jones didn’t just set out to make a Warcraft movie, he set out to make a GREAT movie. And he’s not afraid to admit that he’s taken his inspiration from the best.

In this new video interview, we talked to director and co-writer Duncan Jones about the influence that acclaimed director Sergio Leone had on Warcraft, and the way that the video game’s construction forced the filmmaker to embrace a distinctive visual aesthetic that may take many audience members by surprise.

We also discussed the way that Warcraft invites modern audiences to empathize with characters and creatures that earlier fantasies stories would have simply demonized. But Duncan Jones draws the line at Fell magic. Whatever your views may be on the subject of warlocks, apparently Jones simply believes that “Fel is bad.” 

Check out the exclusive video below, and check out Warcraft in theaters on June 10, 2016!

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