May ‘Barbecue Month’ Backyard Cookout Gift Guide

Any man worth his weight in picked-clean bones knows every month is Barbecue Month, but May managed to claim the official title. While we’ll all no doubt be grilling outside all spring and summer long, we’ll let May get all the barbecue press for now.

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In keeping with Barbecue Month and the approach of the Memorial Day Weekend and the kickoff of summer, we put together some different angles on grilling-themed gifts you can give yourself to improve your grilling game. They’re also suitable to bring along with you so you don’t come to that next cookout empty handed.

As always, there’s a range of categories and prices. Note: You’re not seeing alcohol-based gifts or ideas on this list, but you’ll be seeing those soon enough in their own story. So, stay tuned if you’re booze inclined.