Nick And Philippe Win Big Brother Canada Season 4

After months in the BB Can Grand, the brothers Nick and Philippe Paquette from Ottawa came out on top as the big winners of the fourth season of the show.

The two, who played as one, beat out second-place “mean girl” Kelsey in an epic season finale. Australian Tim Dormer, who won Big Brother Australia and was one of two international houseguests that joined the fourth season of Big Brother Canada, came in third place after bowing out of the final HOH competition, saying, “I don’t think I quit [the competition]. It was that moment where I just went you could do this, but do you actually want to? It seems so crazy to everyone else out there but that’s what goes on in my crazy head. I came here for an adventure and I got that. And I remembered that feeling when I won back in Australia and I thought I can’t rob that of these guys. Tonight was really emotional for me because I just was like one of these guys is going to have their dream come true – I’ve already had that in my life.”

Nick and Philippe won the grand prize, which included $100,000, a $25,000 gift card from The Brick, and an OxiClean prize pack valued at $10,000 that includes $500 of fabric care products and a $9,500 wardrobe makeover.

The Big Brother Canada series is hosted by Arisa Cox.

Photo: Big Brother Canada