Kevin Martin Wins Big Brother Canada

Twenty-four year-old professional poker player Kevin Martin got a second go at winning Big Brother Canada, and succeeded – he beat out Karen Singbeil, the real estate broker, with an unanimous vote during last week’s Season 5 finale on Global.

Big Brother Canada prides itself on their slogan “expect the unexpected,” so what did Martin say was the most unexpected thing that happened this season? “Day 45, I was on the block with my buddy Bruno, and all of a sudden this secret Power of Veto was used. It saved my life,” he said in an interview the day after the live finale. “It was the most unexpected thing. I did not see it coming. William saved my game and I had no idea something like that was going to happen.”

So did Martin think he was at an advantage being a vet of the BB game? “The advantage was experience. There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to Big Brother and I had done it before, so I had that in my corner,” he explained. “But the disadvantage was that people knew my game. I kind of went in with a bit of a target.”

Photo: Global