The 12 Must-See Mainstream Films of Summer 2016

Film lovers associate summertime with air-conditioned theaters, questionable popcorn and broadly entertaining movies that remind us that life, sometimes, can be pretty darned fun. It all started when the studios finally realized that teenagers were a lucrative demographic, and that releasing material that appeals to adolescents at a time of year when they aren’t distracted by school was basically like printing money.

But even though those days are over, and blockbusters can emerge at literally any time of the year, the summer still represents an enormous glut of broad entertainment. So many action movies and comedies and family films are being released over the next few months that it can be hard to keep track of them all. And frankly, we’re not really going to try. Simply listing every movie coming out between the first week of May and the last week of August won’t help you narrow it down, it will just remind you that you will never be able to see them all (unless you have a LOT of free time, anyway).

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So instead, here are the twelve films that our film experts at Crave think are the most important to keep on your calendar. You may notice that a handful of prominent movies aren’t on it, and a lot of the time that’s because we’ve already seen them (X-Men: Apocalypse sucked, and Alice Through The Looking Glass was even worse), or because they just don’t seem as exciting as the competition.

Our goal was to strip the films of summer 2016 to their bare essentials, and with that in mind, we present the following…

The 12 Must See Films of Summer 2016

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