Why Luke Walton To The Lakers Could Be A Disaster

Luke Walton announced he will join the Los Angeles Lakers as their new head coach following this season as an assistant with the Warriors.

It’s a bit of a surprising move when you think about the historic team Walton is leaving behind. The Warriors not only broke the NBA’s all-time single-season wins record this year (73), but have the chance to string along a dynasty full of titles with such a young nucleus led by Steph Curry.

The Lakers on the other hand? They’re coming off their worst season in franchise history and one which included more drama than a decade worth of General Hospital. 

Walton has two titles with the Lakers as a player, and considering the contract — an estimated 5-years, $25 million — it was an offer the 36-year-old couldn’t turn down.

However, there are some major red flags with the hire. 

Josh, Jason and Francis discuss:

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