Video/Track Premiere: Netherlands Decimate The Arcade in ‘L.M.M.’

If Black Sabbath cut their teeth at the legendary desert generator parties of the nineties, their sound would be a template for New York juggernaut rockers Netherlands. On the strength of two self-released albums, Fantasmatic (2010) and Silicon Vapor (2012), the band charge forward with their upcoming new album Audubon, recorded with Tom Tierney of Tidal Arms and arriving in stores and online June 17th on Prosthetic Records (pre-order). 

Ahead of release, Crave is proud to premiere the song and accompanying video for “L.M.M.,” the latest offering from Netherlands to stoke the fires of anticipation for Audubon’s arrival. Directed by the visual duo Sami and Steve, the clip features an arcade-style throwdown that gets psychedelically surreal, with a whack-a-monster game that looks gruesomely fun.

“L.M.M. is what we call one of our ‘hybrid bangers,’ as distinct from many of our other often less melodic/more brutal numbers,” explains frontman Timo Ellis. “Sami and Steve brilliantly conceived and executed this and and I’m extremely stoked and grateful to have worked with them on this, as they are fuckin’ geniuses and did such a fantastic job!”

Watch “L.M.M.” below, premiered exclusively on Crave. And spoiler alert: the ending is right in line with your wildest Chuck E. Cheese dreams… all the way up to that ticket counter.

And about that whacking game:  “The idea of whack-a-mole-machine-from-hell came because we wanted something violent, visceral, and creepy, but also slightly humorous,” explain Sami and Steve. “A quality we thought is evident and important to Netherlands’ unique take on hard music. We designed and built the machine ourselves, and had all the ideas in our head as to how it was going to go down, but nothing could have prepared us for Ava’s performance. She was so ridiculously good as the game’s virtual antagonist, that she took the video to another level. Basically, we wanted to make a video that we would have made when we were 12 years old, but with the skill set we have now. ” 

Pre-order Audubon on iTunes and Amazon, and keep up with Netherlands on their official site and Facebook.


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