Kate Upton And Justin Verlander Are Engaged

Supermodel Kate Upton and baseball star Justin Verlander are officially engaged.

The couple have been together three years already, but everyone was up in arms at a fancy Met Gala Monday night when the press saw a giant rock sitting on Upton’s ring finger.

Take a look. You can see it from just about any zip code.

Evidently the engagement happened earlier this spring before the start of the baseball season.

“He asked me right before the season started so we’ve been keeping it on the down-low for quite awhile,” Upton told E!

Here’s a cute photo of the couple at a game in New York last fall.

Unfortunately, Upton wasn’t part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this year. But here’s a good look at Upton from two years ago.

Congrats to the model and the Tigers hurler!

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Photo: Getty


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