Erykah Badu Been Goin’ Thru It All

Twitter is the tool by which 21st century celebrities are gutted – sometimes by their own hand (tweets). The outrage and disappointment that greeted Erykah Badu’s recent tweets in support of a conservative dress code for schoolgirls to counter male bullshit was massive, with the back & forth between her and fans (some of whom claimed they were jumping ship from her fandom) dragging on and on. It might still be flickering.

In response, Ms. Badu has dropped a battle rap (embattled rap might be a better description) cover of Wintertime Zi’s “Thru It All,” adding her own touches to his pushback lyrics and spinning poetry from her clapback to the clapback.

Read the new Fader interview with Badu here.

Top photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images


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