Is This The Greatest Comeback In Track & Field History?

“UCC from the depths of hell are powering through!!” says the Irish announcer.

This latest viral video features possibly the greatest track and field comeback ever captured on camera.

I had to watch it twice to understand what happened, because the race doesn’t end how you think it will.

Phil Healy, who starts the last lap in the 4×400 relay in fifth for her University College Cork women’s team, nearly a quarter lap behind the leader, somehow kicks into an unimaginable gear to win the race by a nose, even passing an athlete who is running for Ireland in the upcoming Rio de Janeiro summer Olympics. The comeback is so amazing you can’t even see her in frame until the last 100 meters.

What makes this video even more mesmerizing is the Irish announcers. By the ending you can’t even understand a word – it’s like they just witnessed the Holy Grail of track and field and they’ve totally lost their minds.

According to the Washington Post, Healy didn’t start training full time until age 16. She then raced in the junior championships and turned down offers to run at American colleges in Michigan, Colorado, Louisiana and New York in order to stay in Ireland. She’s a nursing student at Cork and will graduate in 2019.

“With 130 meters to go I was like yeah, I’m feeling good they are not that far ahead of me, let’s get third place,” Healy told The Post.

Healy plans to race at the European track championships in July in Amsterdam. 

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