Is Marcus Fenix Dead in Gears of War 4?

A new Gears of War 4 trailer has landed, and aside from getting fans of the series hot under the collar due to it essentially replicating the famous trailer for the first game in the series, it has also hinted at an unfortunate fate for the original trilogy’s burly protagonist Marcus Fenix.

The trailer, titled ‘Tomorrow,’ features a maudlin, breathy cover of ‘Sound of Silence’ similar to the original game’s trailer’s rendition of ‘Mad World,’ while we watch our new hero JD Fenix running away from an alien threat. The trailer frequently cuts to a flashback sequence of an infant JD with his mother Anya Stroud and father Marcus, who carves his son’s name into a tree he’s planted in the family garden. It then cuts back to adult JD still being pursued by the aforementioned alien monsters, running towards a run-down country house that – surprise, surprise! – happens to be his old family home. JD then jumps behind a tree that – again, surprise! – has his initials carved into it, before a particularly angry monster tries to eat his face off.

This follows a short teaser posted by Gears of War‘s official Twitter account, which sees JD standing in the literal shadow of his father… or at least a statue of his father:

While these teasers don’t exactly shine a great deal of light on the happenings in the Fenix family since Gears of War 3, it has led many fans of the series to grow concerned that Marcus may have suffered a disastrous fate since the end of Epic Games’ final installment in its franchise, and that new developer The Coalition may be looking to leave its mark on the Gears of War universe by killing off the remnants of games past.

This speculation is firmly unfounded, however, and given the game’s promotional material placing Marcus Fenix at its forefront, you’d have to expect that he’ll be making an appearance somehow, regardless of his family home having been burned down and aliens now attacking his son upon its burning embers. The Coalition may be leading us to believe that Marcus Fenix is dead and gone, but we ain’t buying it.

Check out the new trailer below: