John Oliver Enables Ninja Turtles To Get Elite Yankees Tix

John Oliver is quickly turning into an American icon, one who is a perfect hybrid of presenting relevant news in an entertaining yet eye-opening way. His latest bag of tricks? Punking the New York Yankees.

In a controversial move during the off-season, the Yankees decided to ban ‘print at home’ tickets in order to prevent riff-raff from gaining access to their highly elite Legends Club seats — seats within the first five rows behind home plate that typically go for as much as $1,595 per game.

Oliver announced Sunday that he would be selling two of those seats, right behind home plate, for each of the Yankees first four games, for 25 cents!

The only catch? “You must dress like you’ve never sat in a premium location before,” said Oliver.

The first two guys? Ninja Turtles.

According to Newsday, the winners were John Welch and Joe Spilo of Yorktown.

In a statement yesterday, Yankees president Randy Levine said “Everyone is welcome at Yankee Stadium. And I thank John Oliver for buying Yankees tickets.”

We’ll update this hilarious plan as it comes into fruition. We can’t wait to see who sits behind home plate today.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports. Follow him on Twitter or like the channel on Facebook.


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