Join The 4K Strong Group Of Legends Petitioning To Get Russell Coight Back On Television

Great news for fans of the Australian outback (although potentially not such good news for the outback itself) as fans have started a petition to get Network Ten to put Russell Coight‘s All Aussie Adventures back on the air.

A treasured comedic relic of a time when Australia actually made its own engaging and original television, for those of you who don’t remember the show it was pretty much a spot on piss take of the Bush Tucker Man and other such adventure travel shows.

Coight himself was of course essentially David Brent from The Office thrown into the outback. Refer to the video below to see what I mean.

Anyway while fans have had their hopes dashed when it comes to the series assuming its rightful place on Australian television again, this time things look different, the petition racking up over 5,000 followers in 15 hours. Originators the Russell Coight Appreciation Society must be over the moon.

You can have a read of the letter attached to the petition below or click over and sign yourself here.

“For 2 wonderful seasons, our televisions were graced with someone who held a true connection to the Australian outback while being able to convey his vast knowledge to the everyday Aussie, a true man from the land.

This man was Russell Coight.

We watched as he taught us the importance of gun safety, the best way to arrive at a wedding, and even how to create a dead simple camp chair. His immense wisdom has informed a generation of Australians on the finer workings of life in the outback, however this knowledge is at risk.

Russell has been absent from our television screens for over a decade, and in that void has fallen lifeless, life-sapping reality TV shows that corrode our minds, while ignoring the beautiful land which Russ so lovingly shared with us.

The current generation are unaware of the dangers of salt-water crocodiles in dark alleys, or the fact that they can grow up to 20 feet (although most of them only grow 4). These important outback facts are vital to the upbringing of a generation who so desperately need someone to stand up and show them the right way to live.

Network 10, please bring back this great man and his All Aussie Adventures for another season.”