Now There’s A Version Of ‘Hotline Bling’ Starring Russell Coight And It’s An Absolute Pisser

OK, here it is. We’ve finally found it. The most hilarious Hotline Bling pisstake on the entire internet.

And you beauty! It stars Australia’s favourite son, Russell Coight: wearer of short-shorts, cracker of Indiana Jones whips, smasher of tinnies and all-around virtuoso in the art… of dance.


Sure, Rusty’s got some stiff competition for the mantle of best Hotline Bling roast. Our mates over at Music Feeds noted 6 of the best mashups that appeared online mere hours after Drake’s music video/dorky dance-o-rama first surfaced.  

Most recently, comedian Chris Lilley’s Mr G-based interpretation of the chart-scorching R&B tune notched up arguably the biggest LOL count.

Until now, that is.

Allow Russell Coight to take you on an All-Aussie Adventure to funky town, below.