Watch The Chuckle Brothers Take Down a Serbian Arms Dealer

Square Enix has been on a mad marketing spree in the UK for its upcoming Hitman game. Firstly, Square Enix decided to place fake blood stains on the floors of London’s toilets, then they sent out three men dressed as the game’s protagonist onto the streets of the English capital. Now they’ve enlisted the aid of children’s comedy duo The Chuckle Brothers to play a “real life” version of the game, tasking them with guiding “Agent 47” on his mission of executing a Serbian arms dealer.

Brothers Barry and Paul Chuckle stealthily guided Agent 47 around a mansion as part of a promotion for the new Hitman game, released today, and suffice to say that watching the kids’ TV entertainers telling the assassin to put a bullet right between a man’s eyes and to hit a woman over the head with a wrench is a little disconcerting.

Check out the video below:

But regardless of our own personal thoughts on watching part of our childhood slip away as Paul Chuckle urges Agent 47 to mercilessly kill an innocent butler, this ludicrous UK promotional campaign for the game should surely garner someone in Square Enix’s marketing department a solid promotion. Solid work, everyone.


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