Big Brother Canada Welcomes Wildcards From Australia/UK Editions

In a Big Brother first, viewers were asked to vote in an international BB icon, either from the US, UK, Australia or Italy – they will compete in the same manner as the Canadian houseguests, but they enter the house with a big target on their backs.

Canada asked Tim Dormer, winner of the 2013 version of Big Brother Australia, to come into the house, as well as eccentric Big Brother UK contestant Nikki Grahame. Dormer is considered one of the most popular reality TV stars from Down Under, winning Season 10 of BB Australia as voted on by viewers. Meanwhile, Grahame, who hasn’t actually won Big Brother but is considered a franchise icon, is known for her diary room tantrums (which she clearly showed off just hours after entering the house).

Big Brother airs Sundays at 7pm, Wednesdays at 9pm and Thursdays at 8pm, on Global.