Crave Retracts and Removes Story

An article published on the Crave website on January 21 has been removed from the site because Crave has received information that casts doubt on the credibility of certain assertions made in the article.

The article, entitled “Woman Featured in a GirlsDoPorn Video Details Disturbing ‘Manipulation and Coercion,’” repeated information about a pornographic video largely drawn from a description of events contained in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (“AMA”) session by a woman referring to herself as #276. Specifically, the article repeated allegations that a former participant in a GirlsDoPorn video had made in her AMA session that she was manipulated and coerced into filming a pornographic video after being plied with alcohol and threatened with having to paying for travel expenses she could not afford. The article also repeated an allegation by an anonymous Reddit user that a second model had made similar claims. In essence, he information from Reddit AMA session and anonymous Reddit user implied that BLL Media Inc., the porn production company behind the GirlsDoPorn website, ran a ploy where it fooled prospective models with the prospects of participating in “legitimate modeling opportunities” by flying women to California to take “part in a modeling shoot” without informing them they will be appearing in an adult scene, only to inform them upon arrive they would be “taking part in an adult film.” 

After the article was published in the the Culture//Women section of Crave, attorneys for BLL provided Crave with information that contradicts the allegations made in the Reddit AMA session and by the anonymous Reddit user.  Consequently, Crave is retracting and removing the entire January 21 Web publication of the article in question, including all allegations against GirlsDoPorn and its personnel in the article.


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