Exclusive Preview | The Omega Men # 9

For months, the Omega Men held White Lantern Kyle Rayner as a hostage and let the universe believe that he was dead. In reality, Princess Kalista, the secret leader of the Omega Men pretended to be a hostage as well to win Kyle’s heart and bend him to her will. Kalista’s plan ultimately failed when Kyle saw through her lives, but the Omega Men always have a backup plan.

Last issue, the Omega Men brought Kyle to Voorl, to personally witness an atrocity on an intergalactic scale. The Citadel secretly passed through Voorl’s interplanetary shields and slaughtered almost every one of the seven billion inhabitants. Only Scrapps survived to eventually join the Omega Men, but even this may not be enough to sway Kyle after Kalista’s betrayal.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for The Omega Men # 9, the team leaves behind one of their own on Voorl as Kyle Rayner arranges an intergalactic audience before making a statement. But the Viceroy of the Citadel has already arrived at the seat of the audience in Neutral Space. And there’s no guarantee that he’ll let the Omega Men leave alive…


Here’s DC’s solicitation copy for The Omega Men # 9:

“With her grand plans for Kyle Rayner completely shattered, Princess Kalista finds herself with no choice but to follow the former Green Lantern into the deadly heart of the Citadel to persuade the Viceroy to do the impossible: make peace with the Omega Men.”

Writer Tom King continues his 12-issue epic alongside artist Barnaby Bagenda, with Trevor Hutchison as the cover artist. The Omega Men # 9 will be released in comic stores on Wednesday, March 2.

Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics