Louis van Gaal’s Dive is the Funniest Moment from Manchester United’s Sad Premier League Campaign

Image Credit: Tom Purslow / Getty Images

Manchester United have had a rough season, to say the least, but the club’s fans were awarded a brief moment of respite as a result of their mutual appreciation for the bizarre behaviour of Louis van Gaal, their much-maligned manager who nevertheless brightened up their 3-2 defeat against Arsenal by throwing himself to the floor.

The Dutchman’s dive was his way of protesting to the official that Arsenal’s players were falling over too easily, with him demonstrating his opinion by hurling himself to the ground, as rival manager Arsene Wenger looked on.

The moment quickly began to do the rounds online, with this one questionable act doing more for Van Gaal’s popularity than the entirety of his spell as Man U’s manager. Who needs results when you can just flop to the floor like a 5-year-old who’s just been denied ice cream?

Image Credit: Tom Purslow / Getty Images

Watch the incredible scene unfold below:


Of course, the moment inspired the creation of a barrage of memes, but they were all unequivocally terrible as is typically the case with these things. Take this meme, for example, which paired the dive with a reference to Leonardo DiCaprio for some reason, because now even memes have to ensure that their search engine optimisation is on point.


But let’s not allow the memes to taint what is an otherwise wonderful moment in football history, with it guaranteed that this clip will make its way into copious montages when LVG is eventually sacked.