The X-Files Revival Miniseries| Ranked From Worst to Best

The X-Files six-episode miniseries has come and gone, after last Monday’s finale left the franchise on yet another cliffhanger. To say that reaction to the finale has been mixed is being generous. Not every episode of the miniseries has been beloved, but that finale is particularly hated by a very vocal group of X-Files fans.

While FX’s John Landgraf likes to say that we’re in the era of “Peak TV,” the revival of The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Prison Break, 24, Fuller House, and more classic series suggest that we’re actually living in the era of “Nostalgia TV,” where nearly any canceled show could come back…except Firefly.

X-Files creator Chris Carter went out of his way to make the miniseries emulate the original formula of the show in its shortened six-episode season. But the problem with doing only two bookend mythology episodes and four monster-of-the-week episodes is that the miniseries lost its momentum almost from the very beginning. This isn’t the ‘90s anymore, and an X-Files rehash just isn’t going to cut it for everyone.

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Although the subsequent episodes of The X-Files miniseries couldn’t match the blockbuster ratings of the premiere, there’s a good chance that The X-Files will return. Carter has already gone on the record about that. But from the content of his recent interviews, Carter appears to be giving a blind eye to the faults of the revival series, which means that he’ll likely make the same mistakes again and again.

None of which is to say that there weren’t bright spots in The X-Files miniseries. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were both very good as their characters, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, and honestly…fans still love them. Some of The X-Files miniseries episodes were also very strong, especially when the focus was on Mulder and Scully, as well as the son they left behind. One of the episodes was even an undeniable X-Files classic.

CraveOnline has assembled a list of the six episodes from The X-Files miniseries from worst to best. But your opinions may vary, so feel free to share your picks in the comment section below!

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