Did Zack Snyder Just Reveal a New Costume for The Flash?

Popular culture moves pretty fast. We don’t even know whether Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is any good or not and already fans are moving on to speculate wildly about the follow-up, Justice League, which will feature all of the world’s finest superheroes banding together to fight a common enemy. (At least, we assume that’s what it’s about. It could be a dance-off movie for all we know.)

Zack Snyder, the director of Batman v Superman, is already hard at work on preparing the Justice League movie and recently premiered a behind the scenes photo of himself and Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman in the upcoming movie. It seemed like a straightforward, cheerful two-shot… until fans scoured the background.

Can you see it…?

In the upper left of the image, there is a bright red suit with golden detailing, and it could only be one thing: The Flash’s costume from Justice League. It’s hardly a glamor shot, but we can make it out pretty clearly. It looks exactly like the classic costume, and a lot like the costume from the TV series currently turning heads on the CW network, but it’s shiny as hell.

It raises the question, of course, as to how well material like that could breathe. The Flash’s superpower is that he runs fast, so he should probably have a costume that enables a free range of movement. It makes sense for Batman to be armored, for example, but The Flash is so fast he can dodge practically any attack lobbed in his direction. Does he need a Tim Burton-esque battle suit?

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The Flash will be played by We Need to Talk About Kevin star Ezra Miller in the Warner Bros. feature films, which take place in a different continuity than the popular TV show versions of The FlashArrow, and Supergirl. Warner Bros. is gambling that this will appease fans of the show and not confuse laypersons who might not be paying terribly close attention to how alternate realities work in a superhero universe.

Scouring Zack Snyder’s image further, it appears that we might also be able to see Aquaman’s costume and, in the lower left, possibly some concept art for Mera, Aquaman’s wife and partner, to be played by Amber Heard in the upcoming Justice League and Aquaman movies.

Are there more exciting details left undiscovered in this picture? Are we making a mountain out of a molehill? Did Zack Snyder tweet this image intentionally to get us talking about how excited we are for Justice League, and not how worried we are about Batman v Superman?

Time will tell.

Top Photo: @ZackSnyder

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