Fire Emblem Fates Localization Error Leads to Most Awkward Support Conversation Ever

What appears to be a localization error in the recently released Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest has left the Northern American version of the game with an awkwardly silent support conversation, with characters Beruka and Saizo saying nothing to one another in their C Support exchange.

The original dialogue between the two characters, as evidenced in the Japanese version of the game, was as follows:

Saizou: You’re…. The assassin from Nohr, Belka aren’t you.

Belka: …..did you want something? Hoshido’s shinobi…..Saizou.

S: Oh….? It seems that we already know one another’s names.

B: Yes…. The name Saizou of Hoshido is widely known in Nohr. The next king’s faithful retainer…. As well as an assassin of high ability.

S: Same here, from a young age to kill without hesitation, rumors of a little girl that was a ruthless murder weapon.

B: …I see. How many…. Have you killed?

S: What’s with that question….. you remember such things?

B: As an assassin counting is a daily routine in my job. But after I was taken in by Camilla…. I stopped counting. I don’t know if that’s good or bad for me… only that that had changed.

S: Is that so.

B: ….I’ve answered. So how about you?

S: I…. can never forget. Even if I don’t want to remember…. Even if I want to forget….. The faces and numbers of people that I’ve killed…. It’s been engraved clearly into my heart.

B: ……I see.

S: To have to join hands with an assassin from an enemy country like this must be fate. We both have Lords that we must protect….. Belka. Please take good care of me from here on out.

B: Yes.

However, this is how the conversation appears in the US version of the game:

The rest of the support conversations between Beruka and Saizo continue as if this exchange never happened, with the characters even referencing the events of their initial conversation despite it containing nothing more than a series of ellipses. It’s likely that the localization team for the game left in this exchange as a placeholder, but then forgot to add in the new dialogue before its release. 

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Nintendo previously came under fire for their alteration of a scene in the game in which the male player character “drugs” a female character with a “magic powder,” as a result of the female character becoming distracted by attractive female companions on the battlefield. The effect of the potion means that the female character sees all people as the opposite gender, with many suggesting that this was similar to gay conversation therapy. The Japanese version of the game launched with this scene in tact, though the US and European editions altered it.


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