Eight Iconic Superhero Fights You Will Never See in a Movie

The thing about superhero movies is that there actually aren’t a lot of them. I know that sounds crazy since we get a new one every couple of months nowadays, but compared to comic books that ain’t nothing. There are dozens upon dozens of superhero stories told every single month in the comics. A dozen or so live-action movies and TV series can’t compete with that.

And because there are a lot more superhero comics, there have been a lot more opportunities to explore the dramatic possibilities of costumed men and women punching each other. Comic book readers have enjoyed countless awesome fights between iconic characters and their villains and peers. Movies are only just now getting around to having Batman meet Superman and Wonder Woman, and giving Captain America a reason to punch Tony Stark in the face.

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But although those iconic superhero fights are, finally, coming to the big screen in all their live-action glory, there are actually a lot of unforgettable superhero fights from the comics that we will probably never get to see in a major motion picture. Sometimes it’s a rights issue – since not every superhero the property of the same studio, making crossovers damn near impossible – and sometimes it’s just because comic books are weirder than movies, and consist of characters and crossovers that barely work on the page and would probably be laughable on the big screen.

So let’s take a look at nine of the most iconic superhero fights in comic book history, and find out why you will (probably) never see them in a movie. And don’t feel too bad about that. After all, you can always read the comics!

Eight Iconic Superhero Fights You Will Never See in a Movie:

Photo: Alex Ross / Marvel / DC

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