’90s Hitmakers Organized Noize Spotlit in New Netflix Documentary

You’re familiar with Organized Noize whether you know the name or not. Atlanta producers Rico Wade, Ray Murray and Sleepy Brown were behind some of the most influential hip-hop and R&B music of the ’90s. TLC’s “Waterfalls”? Yep, Organized Noize. The collective produced an enormous number tracks for artists like Outkast, TLC, En Vogue, Ludacris, Goodie Mob, and many more.

Finally, the trio are the subject of a new documentary called The Art of Organized Noize. In the trailer below, everyone from Outkast to Future, Puff Daddy to 2 Chainz and beyond discuss the trio’s influence.

The documentary, directed by QDIII – whose work you know through The Carter documentary on Lil Wayne from 2009 – will include details about ONP’s $20 million deal with Interscope, as well as the reasons Ray Murray eventually distanced himself from the crew, and the well-known tension Rico Wade had with other artists.

The Art of Organized Noize will be released on Netflix on March 22.


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