Brand New Dark Souls 3 Footage Highlights Bloodborne Similarities

Brand new footage from Dark Souls 3 was revealed during From Software’s live stream yesterday, and it seems that the developer is taking a number of its cues from its own Bloodborne.

The new footage suggests that Dark Souls 3 will be a faster-paced Souls game, with combat that shares similarities with From’s PS4 exclusive. The introduction of Bloodborne-esque dodging should make way for a greater emphasis upon the agility of the player-character, with this being one of the most widely praised additions to the 2015 game. This could mean that lightweight character builds will now be much more valuable than they were in the first three Souls games. 

With the series’ creator Hidetaka Miyazaki now back at the helm of the helm of the series after leaving his post for the development of Dark Souls 2, it looks like Dark Souls 3 is shaping up to be an excellent and unique addition to the beloved series, and could stand to introduce new players to it who only became acquainted with Miyazaki’s work through Bloodborne.

Check out the gameplay footage below: