Kanye vs. Wiz Khalifa Gets Ferocious: ‘I Am Your OG’ Over Waves Critique

Social media, where would we be without you? A few IQ points up the scale, that’s for sure. But we’d also be missing out on some serious soap opera drama between rappers, as evidenced by the latest silly beef rattle between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa

We mentioned earlier today about the world losing their shit upon hearing of the third name change for Kanye’s forthcoming album, formerly So Help Me God, formerly Swish, and now Waves. Khalifa was downright upset with the name change, convinced that Waves doesn’t belong to Kanye and his appropriation of the name from Max B. is disrespectful. After calling him out for it, Kanye unleashed a Kanye-sized ego rant that would send any heavyweight to the canvas.

The tweets have since been deleted, but the fine folks at USA Today were on the screengrab task:








































































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