Viral Video: Shaq Surprises Police & Kids, Joins Pickup Game

Earlier this month, officer Bobby White of the Gainesville Police Department went viral on Facebook. Not for anything bad, but for playing basketball with some kids in the street.

Originally, a neighbor had actually called the cops on the kids “loudly playing basketball in the street.” Only the call backfired when officer White pulled up and decided to play a pickup game with them instead of breaking up the party. Before leaving, he even promised to “bring backup” next time. And he kept his promise.

It just so happened that Shaquille O’Neal saw the video, so he volunteered himself as “backup.”

Not only were the police in awe, but obviously the kids were too.

I also greatly appreciate Shaq’s message to the kids towards the end of the video. One of the biggest stars the game has ever seen, yet he still goes out of his way to spend time with kids, time that will have an impact on their lives for ever. 

I’m done being sentimental. Take a look … 

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