Louis van Gaal Will Decide Whether or Not to Leave Manchester United Today

Louis van Gaal is set to hold a discussion with Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward today, in order to decide whether or not he should remain in his position as manager of the club.

Reports state that Van Gaal offered to resign on Saturday following Man U’s home defeat against Southampton, but Woodward convinced him to talk over his decision with his family. After returning to the Netherlands on Sunday in order to discuss his future with his wife, Van Gaal will have a meeting with Woodward later today in order to officially confirm if he’ll be departing from the club.

Van Gaal spoke of his frustrations following the Southampton match, in which he was booed off the pitch after his team were defeated 1-0. He said: “I’m very disappointed I cannot reach the expectations of the fans. They have, or they had, great expectations of me, and I cannot fulfil them, so I am very frustrated.”

Manchester United have struggled with their form this season, with the squad having been frequently criticised for their lacklustre performances. Much of the blame has been placed on Van Gaal’s shoulders, who has failed to ingratiate himself with supporters, and has been the frequent subject of speculation regarding his potential sacking. While Manchester United’s board have remained supportive of him, it seems that the manager is now unsure of whether he can turn around their fortunes, and his career with the club will come down to his meeting with Woodward today.

Woodward is solely responsible for deciding whether or not Van Gaal should remain in his position with the club, and will also be tasked with choosing a potential replacement for the Dutchman. Many have speculated that Jose Mourinho could take over the role, though considering his unsuccessful management of Chelsea this season, some feel that this may not be the best decision. Ryan Giggs has also been touted as a replacement after shadowing Van Gaal throughout the course of the season. 

Image Credit: Stuart Franklin / Getty Images