Exclusive Preview | Jacked # 3

Welcome to a midlife superhero crisis, brought to you by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke! Joining with artist John Higgins, Kripke’s new comic book, Jacked has introduced readers to Josh Jaffe, a real life superhero…sort of.

You see, there aren’t really any superheroes. Josh just happens to be taking semi-illegal mail order drugs that have given him super strength and super unsettling hallucinations. There’s a strong possibility that Josh is losing his mind, and things are only gonna get worse from here.

In the last issue of Jacked # 2, Josh burst into his obnoxious neighbor’s house and beat the crap out of him. The problem is that said neighbor is deeply connected in the local underworld, and the man’s brutalized girlfriend knows exactly what Josh did and how to find him. In our exclusive preview from Jacked # 3, Josh suffers from severe withdrawal symptoms and decides to reveal his newfound powers to someone close to him.

Here’s Vertigo’s solicitation copy for Jacked # 2.

“Josh Jaffe has discovered the dark side of super-heroing, but blood on his hands is no match for his addiction. And like any addict, his problems keep piling up. Can he kill the man who’s out to kill him? Should he? And what weird physical toll is his addiction taking on his body? Plus: someone discovers Josh’s secret.”

Jacked # 3 is coming out on Wednesday, January 27 in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by Vertigo Comics