Destiny’s Crucible Mode is Broken and Bungie isn’t Fixing it

Destiny players are growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of attention Bungie is paying to the game’s PvP Crucible game type, as the list of problems with the multiplayer mode continues to stack up.

As Destiny has continued to grow with expansions such as The Taken King, tweaks made to the game including the addition of more powerful weaponry and new classes have meant that the Crucible has been forced to change, too. However, whereas the balancing issues posed by Bungie’s alterations haven’t been as noticeable in the game’s PvE mode, they’ve impacted upon the Crucible in a major, mostly negative way.

Personally, my last foray into Destiny‘s Crucible saw each match littered with players utilizing the absurdly overpowered Thorn, and if a fresh round of complaints levelled at the game are to be believed, the game is still suffering from the omnipresence of this gun along with the return of an old OP favorite, The Last Word.

In a post currently topping the Destiny subreddit in popularity, hundreds of users are complaining about the issues with the game’s PvP mode, including dead bodies not disappearing after a player has been killed, the ineffectiveness of certain class-based Supers, Guardians spontaneously dropping dead for no discernible reason and awful lag. Users reported that this lag has seen enemies still able to kill them even after they’ve been killed themselves, with one commenter writing: “There’s no reason I should be getting postmortem melee kills.”

Bungie’s forums are also littered with complaints regarding the Crucible, with players discussing the tremendous amounts of lag that are crippling the game. The current top posts in the forum for competitive play each discuss the game’s lag issues, saying that it has become “broken” and “unplayable”. However, with these issues only becoming more apparent and with Bungie failing to address them, those who previously enjoyed its PvP component are swiftly running out of patience and abandoning the mode.


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