20 Awesome Albums Turning 20 in 2016

Mainstream music hit a powerfully diverse stride in 1996, with a collection of trailblazing albums soundracking the year Tupac Shakur and Brad from Sublime died, the year Pop-Up Video was born. The early-nineties cheese-pop was firmly in the rear-view mirror, as the overcast brooding of grunge’s domination gave way to a musical maturity that expanded its emotional palette. 

Those of us old enough to remember each have our own stories from this incredible year in music, a time when iconic albums arrived at a dizzying pace rather than a snail’s crawl of hype and false inflation. To honor this phenomenal year in music, we’re running down a list of 20 Awesome Albums That Turned 20 in 2016. How many do you own? How many can you remember?