The 20 Movies You Will Simply Have to Deal With in 2016

The time has come to finally admit that we now live in a world where it doesn’t matter whether or not you see certain movies. The proliferation of social media and the annoying click-bait mentality that permeates the news cycle means that there are now certain motion pictures that, whether or not you even care about them, you will simply have to deal with.

That’s why our 2016 movie preview doesn’t highlight the films we are actually looking forward to. Frankly, we’re dreading some of these movies, either because they look awful or because they’re sequels to films that we already know are awful. This year, we’re not going to give you a list of films to get excited about. That’s always a fallacy anyway, since nobody’s seen them yet and nobody has any idea if they’ll actually be worth recommending. 

No, this year we are going to PREPARE you. You may want to see some or even all of these movies, but even if you don’t, you will be hearing about them. Your friends will be praising or complaining about them on social media. Your news feeds will be flooded with theories and rumors and even gossip about the stars. There will be so many think pieces.

You can’t run, you can’t hide, but you can at last steel yourself. This is our 2016 movie preview, and this is your future, for better or worse.


2016 Movie Preview | 20 Movies You Will Have to Deal With

Top Photo: Warner Bros.

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