Bono: “ISIS is a Death Cult, U2 is a Life Cult”

Never one to shy away from a chance to insert himself into current affairs, Bono has decided to make a comparison between his Irish rock band U2 and terrorist organisation ISIS, after revealing that he had written a new song in the memory of the victims of the Paris terror attacks.

Speaking to the New York Times, Bono explained why U2 had decided to not reschedule their live show at the AccorHotels Arena in the French capital, saying: “Terrorism relies on people being terrorized, and we were not going to be. We felt the biggest and the only real contribution we can make at moment like that is to honor the people of Paris, who brought us the concept of liberté, égalité, fraternité.”

He continued: “ISIS and these kinds of extremists are a death cult. We’re a life cult. Rock ’n’ roll is a life force, and it’s joy as an act of defiance. That’s what U2 is. That’s at the very heart of our band. More importantly in this case, it’s the very heart of our audience. I can now already hear that we will be drowned out by that French crowd. And that’s powerful.”

Bono also spoke to CNN about U2’s upcoming single ‘Streets of Surrender (S.O.S.)’ which has been created by the band in the memory of those who died in the attacks on Paris, with him reading out the song’s lyrics to the host in what ended up being a particularly cringe-inducing segment. Watch it below:

U2 performed at the AccorsHotel Arena in Paris last night, with the names of those who lost their lives in the terror attacks being projected onto a screen behind the band, while Bono wrapped himself up in the French flag.

Image Credit: Thomas Samson / Getty Images