Louis van Gaal: “I Do Nothing at Manchester United and I Earn a Lot of Money”

In a statement that likely won’t go down well with Manchester United fans, manager Louis van Gaal has stated that he does “nothing” at the club, with him instead delegating his responsibilities but also earning “a lot of money” in the process. 

Speaking during the League Managers Association conference earlier this week, Van Gaal branded himself an “innovator” by virtue of him carrying a notebook, though admitted that the actual tasks he carries out in his club are minimal. 

In a report by the Daily Telegraph, Van Gaal said: “Feedback is very important … But I have to say that because when I don’t say that then I’m arrogant. I am also an innovator and I have changed a lot. I was the first coach who was with a notebook. Now everybody is with a notebook. I was the first coach who used video.

“I’m from a time where you [the manager] did everything. Now I’m the manager and I have a sports science department, I have a scouting department, I have a medical department, I have assistant managers, I have assistant coaches. I don’t do anything … nothing! I delegate. I delegate and I earn a lot of money.”

The Telegraph reports Van Gaal as having laughed after he made this statement, so it’s likely that he made the comment in jest, but nonetheless it’s not gone down well with fans of the club who are going increasingly frustrated at the team’s lack of attacking football, despite their defensive play having been strong thus far in the season, with them having only conceded eight goals in the Premier League.

Image Credit: John Peters / Getty Images