Wayne Rooney Destroyed By MUTV Caller “Keith from Winslow”

Wayne Rooney isn’t having the best of starts to this Premier League season. When questioned by a Sky Sports reporter regarding what he wanted to see from Rooney before Manchester United’s EFL cup game against Northampton, manager Jose Mourinho replied simply: “Goals.” Unfortunately, despite the club winning the match 3-1, Rooney was unable to deliver in this department and continues his disappointing run of form as United’s most frequently utilized attacking option.

This has led many United fans to call upon the new manager to not be afraid of leaving Rooney on the bench, something that was frequently suggested to previous managers Louis van Gaal and David Moyes. However, as Rooney keeps finding his way into United’s starting eleven, frustrations among the club’s supporters are increasing, with “Keith from Winslow” offering a pretty robust take-down of the player during a phone call to Man U’s in-house TV station MUTV.

During the call, Keith takes on MUTV presenter and former Manchester United player Sammy McIlroy, a staunch defender of Rooney despite the player’s recent troubles with form, making the case that the England international is past it and should no longer be allowed to coast by on his former glories. Though Keith’s comments are somewhat harsh – he refers to the England international as “a bit chubby” – it was hard for McIlroy to argue against his points, leaving the presenter in stunned silence.

McIlroy attempted to defend Rooney by pointing out the captain’s past accomplishments for United, but Keith pointed out how this only proved his own point further, and that Rooney should be sitting on the bench for United rather than routinely finding himself in the starting eleven. We doubt Jose Mourinho is listening, but at the very least Kevin left MUTV’s short for words, so he should count this as a victory.

Watch the MUTV debate below:

Image Credit: Ben Stansall / Getty Images


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