TSN’s Off The Record Gets Cancelled

As a wave of Bell Media job cuts took hold, it was announced that TSN’s Off The Record is ending its 18-year run. However, host Michael Landsberg will continue to work for the network producing shorter segments (The Globe and Mail).

Bell made the announcement a few weeks ago that more than 300 jobs were being cut, which affect employees at TSN, CTV and several radio stations. A few notable cuts included:

  • CTV News Ottawa co-anchor Carol Anne Meehan.
  • Ottawa sports reporter Carolyn Waldo.
  • CTV Morning Live Ottawa‘s Lois Lee.
  • Canucks hockey host Jeff Paterson.
  • Vancouver television anchor Perry Solkowski.
  • Meteorologist Michael Kuss
  • CTV News Channel anchor Amanda Blitz.
  • Toronto CFRB-Newstalk 1010 personality Mike Toth.
  • TSN co-host David Bastl

“While it is very difficult to part ways with valued colleagues, the changes are an essential step in ensuring that Bell Media’s cost structure reflect the realities of revenue performance in media and broadcasting, and that we remain leaders in a fast-changing industry,” the company said in a statement (CBC News).

Photo: TSN


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