Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Negan on The Walking Dead

For years, fans of The Walking Dead comic book series have examined AMC’s TV series for signs that Negan was coming. That time has finally come.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan, beating out several other impressive candidates for the role including former Justified star Timothy Olyphant, Wayward Pines’ Matt Dillon and Garret Dillahunt (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), who made a point of lobbying for the role on his social media accounts.

Morgan will reportedly make his first appearance as Negan on the sixth season finale of The Walking Dead. There are potential spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead TV series and HUGE SPOILERS for the comic book series regarding the fate of one of the main characters. Don’t say that you weren’t warned!

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Still here? Excellent.

Within the pages of The Walking Dead comic book series, Negan is the psychotic and brutal leader of The Saviors, a group of survivors that intimidates other communities through fear and violence.

Negan is also known for carrying around “Lucille,” a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire…[this is your absolute last chance to avoid the big spoiler!], which Negan used to murder Glenn in the pages of the comic book series. Given the recent disappearance and possible demise of Glenn (Steven Yeun), he could potentially return and still be doomed to meet the fate of his comic book counterpart.

Morgan will be a series regular on The Walking Dead Season 7, and if the series follows the trajectory of the comic book, then Morgan could be playing Negan for several seasons on the show.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Michael Tran