Royal Canoe Visa Complications Force Cancellation Of US Tour

Winnipeg band Royal Canoe were set to perform south of the border this week however they were forced to cancel a number of American shows after Visa complications, costing the band a substantial amount of money, bandmates say.

“We did the application exactly the same way [as in years past], and I’m certain when they receive the application …[U.S. authorities] will approve it,” singer, guitarist and keyboardist Matt Peters said to CBC News. “It has nothing to do with the actual application. It’s just about the processing time. “It’s just money down the drain. It’s very frustrating. You put all of this time into promoting the tour… you do everything you thought you needed to, and it still doesn’t go through. When these things happen… you have to do whatever you can.”

Last year, Royal Canoe was nominated for the Juno for Alternative Album of the Year. They have shows planned for Regina on December 3rd at The Owl and on December 4th in Saskatoon at Amigos. Their cancelled American shows will be reschedule soon, the band told CBC News. Check out their website for tour updates.

Photo: Royal Canoe/Charcoal