Awesome GIFs Show Star Athlete’s Body Transformations Over Last Decade

All bodies transform as we age. No question. However, for most of us it’s a downward slope shortly after High School.

For the best athletes in the world, many hit their peak in their late 20s, sometimes early 30s, depending on the sport.

The folks over at ExerciseBike put together some tremendous GIFs that show how the best athletes in the world have transformed their bodies over the years.

Cristiano Ronaldo

First, a look at possibly the most popular sports star in the world. Dude didn’t only keep it lean over the years, but rocked some sweet hair styles. 

LeBron James

The King only took a year or two out of High School to get totally swole. 

Michael Phelps

Obviously more lean as he approached his epic Olympic run, but holy cow! Just look at him post-Olympics. 

Floyd Mayweather 

Probably one of the most stunning GIFs here, possibly because ‘Money’ started his career so young.

Serena Williams

And who are we kidding? Serena has always been insanely athletic.

Moral of the story? You’ll only look like this if you dedicate your life to fitness. That means several hours of working out per day and likely your own personal chef if you don’t have the time or disciple to cook healthy food for yourself. Sorry dude, no more crunchwrap surpremes. 

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.

GIF Credit: ExerciseBike

Photo Credit (top): Getty