Watch Florence Wrestle Her Demons in Gripping ‘Delilah’ Video

Florence and the Machine have shared a gripping, passionate video for “Delilah” from this year’s magnificent How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. While the singer is well-known for her ethereal, majestic performances, this gritty clip sheds the heavenly light and grace for a raw humanity previously unseen from the fire-maned chanteuse. 

Directed by Vincent Haycock, the video features Florence as a haunted heroine navigating an apartment complex as she confronts her own demons through inhabitants within the building.  

“You have to realize that people are fallible beings, they make mistakes…”

The video is subtitled “The Odyssey – Chapter 6”, making it the latest installment in a series that began with clips for “What Kind of Man”, “St. Jude”, “Ship to Wreck”, “Queen of Peace”, and “Long & Lost”.