Watch John Oliver’s Touching Farewell To Tony Abbott, Live From The Emmys Red Carpet

“Ding dong Tony is dead.”

Everyone’s favourite British-but-technically-American-now comedian John Oliver has paid tribute to Australia’s jilted former PM, Anthony John Abbott, with a touching, impromptu farewell delivered live from red carpet of the 2015 Emmy Awards.

Perhaps the best thing about Tone’s short-lived joyride at the wheel of our fair nation was the wellspring of LOLS that his antics yielded  for the world’s comics. And Oliver in particular was never one to shy away from sinking his teeth into Abbott, much like the raw onion he only recently discovered that Abbott himself had, in fact, sunk his teeth into.

And now that Tone has been shipped off to Canberra’s Prime Ministerial retirement village to terrify Bob Hawke every Sunday morning by mowing the lawn in his budgie smugglers (probably), it seems only fitting that Oliver offer up some solemn words of remembrance in honour of all that Tone achieved during his brief tenure as Australian PM.

“I don’t know what the point of Tony Abbott was, but it was fun while it lasted,” he told Channel 10. “It was like taking heroin: it was incredibly exhilarating, and it was right that you stopped.”

The bespectacled funnyman, whose previous televised tributes to Abbott include the thigh-slapping Other Country’s Presidents Of The United States segment on his Last Week Tonight talk show, also offered up his thoughts on Donald Trump running for the White House during the red carpet chat, and naturally proclaimed his undying love for Australia.

Watch John Oliver proverbially #PutOutHisOnions in the video below.