Watch John Oliver’s Perfect Response To An Aussie Reporter’s Question About Donald Trump

Ten Network reporter Angela Bishop has been more or less savaged by Last Week Tonight host John Oliver after throwing him a Donald Trump-related question following the comedian-turn-moral compass’ recent Emmy win.

During his post-Emmys press conference, Olivier was straight away met with a load question from Bishop, who Oliver recalled from a previous hard-ball question last year regarding Tony Abbott. As Oliver puts it, “Ah yes, the Tony Abbott thing.”

In a similar line of questioning, Bishop starts Oliver on Trump’s potential presidency, but Oliver doesn’t take it lying down, saying, “Give us a chance, have some faith, Angela… Maybe check on the status of your own countries immigration policies before you steer in too hard on this one.”

Bishop cops the first wound, retorting, “Harsh, harsh,” before attempting to scrap the barrel that is the subject at hand, asking Oliver what he, personally, will do it Trump comes to power.

“Well I can’t vote. I’m on a green card,” Oliver explains, “So I’m not really involved in this… I do get to comment because that’s my freedom of speech so I’m sure I will comment at length over the next two months as we dance on the lip of a volcano.”

What was surely an attempt at securing a clickbait-y headline was shut down in spectacular fashion by Oliver, who didn’t seem too pleased with the next Trump-related questions either. Watch him respond to Bishop in the first minute of his post-Emmys press conference, below.