Exclusive Premiere: Blue Stahli Gets Retro-Aggressive on ‘Armageddon’


Blue Stahli is premiering his new track “Armageddon” exclusively on Crave today, ahead of the October 2 release of his sophomore album The Devil via FiXT (pre-order). For lovers of the old hyper-agressive 90’s rave mania, this one’s right up your alley.

Blue Stahli is a one-man project, melding together industrial, metal and electronic styles for a uniquely infused production. His music and original compositions have been featured in countless staple television shows, films, and video games, such as American Horror Story, Iron Man 3, and X Men: Days of Future Past, (see a more complete list here), and his last single, “Ultranumb,” has been streamed over 30 million times worldwide. 

Producers Joey Sturgis and Rhys Fulber were enlisted to mix the new record, with Sick Puppies bassist Emma Anzai featuring on the track “Not Over Til We Say So.”

“Musically, I wanted this sucker to be a cyberpunk blast of the feelings I got from early to mid 90’s cult sci-fi horror flicks like ‘Hardware’ and ‘Split Second’,” explains Blue Stahli. “Most all of the synths in this song are old school 90’s rave stabs, hoovers, and other surprises. The choppy 303-esque synth line in the second verse and the bridge was the result of an improv modular synth session with Klayton of Celldweller in the spaceship of patchbay modular insanity in Studio A.  We would switch up the sequence on the fly and both be drastically changing the sound while recording the whole mess. Wound up with well over 40 minutes of synth noodling to dig through to find the few loops I would eventually chop and glitch all to hell.”

Stahli continued: “The drums and loops in this track are full of rave loops and hugely compressed breakbeats as The Prodigy is a *huge* influence.  In the hook, after the chorus, along with my blown out screams, are the gang shoutouts of The Surly Dude Mass Choir.  Not many know their identity, but rumors abound, and are said to be a well known active rock band slumming it in one of my tracks.”

Blue Stahli’s second full-length has been gaining anticipation momentum for some time. Pre-order The Devil right here, and keep up with Blue Stahli on Facebook and Twitter.