Fox Puts Cirque du Soleil Drama Paradiso Into Development

It’s pilot season for the TV industry, and it’s often the flashiest of high concepts that get picked up first by the network. And the concepts rarely come higher than a performance by Cirque du Soleil!

Deadline is reporting that Cirque du Soleil Media and Fox have struck a deal for Paradiso, a new potential drama series that has a script commitment plus a penalty. That means Fox has to commission a Paradiso pilot script or else it will pay a large fee to Cirque du Soleil Media. It’s not quite as good as a pilot commitment, but it will ensure that Fox gives Paradiso a decent chance to move to the next stage of development.

Paradiso is very loosely inspired by Cirque du Soleil’s live shows and it is described as featuring “a character like Amelie from Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s movie [who] went into a place like the Moulin Rouge, with exhilarating performances every week.”

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Or more specifically, the series would follow a young woman chasing her dream in the fictional city of San Lorenzo at the glamorous Paradiso nightclub. Inevitably, the young woman makes friends and enemies thanks to her “bold personality.” It sounds a lot like The Playboy Club meets Smash, neither of which were hits for NBC.

Paradiso was created by Yaniv Raz (Son Of Morning), and he reportedly has “extensive stage experience.” Whether that will translate into a hit TV series remains to be seen. Paradiso will likely vie with other dramas and comedies for a place on Fox’s 2016 schedule.

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Photo Credit: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images