More Hobbit Coming to Theaters After All

In what can only be the final, final word on the limping, ever-dying Lord of the Rings horse, Peter Jackson’s three Hobbit movies will be re-released in theaters in October in their extended editions. This will be part of a special three-night-only event hosted by Fathom Events. The Hobbit: A Unexpected Journey will screen October 5th, The Desolation of Smaug on the 6th, and the never-before-seen extended edition of Battle of the Five Armies on the 7th.

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Each of the films in the Hobbit film trilogy was at first coolly complimented by critics, only to eventually be rejected as padded and indulgent. Fans seem to incorporate them into Peter Jackson’s mythos with a grain of salt. I have read no articles, nor met any fans who roundly love the Hobbit movies (although that may just be the result of the circles I run in). Nonetheless, New Line and Warner Bros. are not going to let the pattern falter. Every film will be followed by an extended edition on home video, and there will still be marathon events. 

This may be the last marathon event in this franchise. At least until the 15th, 20th, and 30th anniversaries. For fans of the series, this is your last chance. 

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