Russell Crowe Won’t Take Over Leeds United Because of His Children

Russell Crowe has revealed that he won’t be taking over Leeds United, insisting that although he would “smash it” with the club, he believes that by taking on the responsibility he would have to forfeit spending time with his children.

The actor was linked with the club earlier this year, though negotiations appear to have since fallen through and they are now backed financially by Massimo Cellino.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Crowe wrote: “I stand by my belief that LUFC is a massive opportunity. When my trusted associates tested the idea we found multiple potential.

“I’m 51, I answered questions on a topic, a passion. I did not create the agenda. As you may well know, in 2006 I took over the 1908 formed South Sydney Rugby League team. 9 years of hard yakka later we broke a 43 year drought and won! So… I know what it takes. I’ve been through it, I look at the Mighty Leeds opportunity and I evaluate it through the time stolen from my kids.

“Economics tell the folks in my organisation we could smash this, but, I know the personal toll it takes, and I know without my actual hands on the wheel in Leeds I can’t guarantee investors a return. I’ve loved Leeds all my life. I will always. I will not though steal anymore time from my children. It’s that simple.

“Think about this… there’s a hundred thousand who will match on together at least, stand up Leeds… stand and be counted.”

Crowe currently owns Australian rugby league team South Sydney Rabbitohs, though has also remained a diehard fan of struggling English football club Leeds since his childhood. With Leeds continuing to struggle this Championship season, managing only four draws since the league kicked off, fans would have certainly been hoping for the celebrity endorsement in order to generate more revenue to the club and help with their dwindling fortune. Unfortunately it seems that they won’t have a gladiator on their side this year.

Image Credit: Dave J Hogan / Getty Images


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